History of the Tracy Center at the Catholic Life Center

The Tracy Center is located on the grounds of the Catholic Life Center.  The buildings of the Tracy Center were originally used as dormitories, classrooms and assembly centers for St. Joseph’s Cathedral Prep Seminary.

Upon closure of the Seminary, the classrooms were utilized by the Guardian Angel School. The dormitories were converted to office space for Catholic Community Services, Catholic School Food Service, Special Education Department of Catholic Schools Office and Office of Propagation of Faith.

Bishop Stanley Ott, third bishop of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, dreamed of enlarging the center and expanding upon the vision of Bishop Robert E. Tracy, first bishop of the diocese for whom the center is named.  Bishop Ott wanted the center to be a place that would serve the needs of Catholics through every step of their religious life.

Bani and Carville Architects were responsible for the design of the Westerfield Conference Center and re-design of the overnight facility in the Marioneaux wing. The complex was renovated and expanded with funds raised during the first and second Bishop’s Annual Appeal.

Bishop Alfred Hughes, fourth bishop of the diocese, had the honor of dedicating the Bishop Robert E. Tracy Center on August 25, 2000.  The Tracy Center, which includes overnight facilities, meeting rooms, a kitchen, conference room, ballroom, theatre, 2 chapels and court yards, now serves the needs of Catholics and secular organizations.